Ameer Cajee is a South African Entrepreneur, Investor, Cryptocurrency expert, Co-Founder of Africrypt and the Chief Operating Officer at Africrypt. He is best known for his implementation of Cryptocurrency Banking in Africa.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ameer Cajee had an early start. He was mining Bitcoin along with his brother back in 2010, they progressed their mining operation until 2013. He then began trading Cryptocurrencies on upcoming exchanges and by 2016 was involved in Algorithmic trading. He started Africrypt, a algorithm driven trading company, Cryptocurrency Exchange and Cryptocurrency Bank. He was involved in many successful blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures and projects.

Africrypt[edit | edit source]

Ameer was fascinated by Cryptocurrency and the potential it had to change the world around him. Along with his brother they set out to create a revolution in Africa.[1]

Ameer and his brother began writing Algorithms that would trade the Cryptocurrency market and eventually had a full AI trading system running.

His business Africrypt became globally recognized for the revolutionary work it was doing in Africa, introducing Cryptocurrency into people’s daily lives on a mass level to offset the divide the banking system had created amongst society.

Africrypt began offering Cryptocurrency Banking solutions, Investment Solutions, Exchange solutions / services and Blockchain development services.

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